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There are approximately 5.8 million lost super accounts worth $18.8 billion dollars.

Camori Investments offers a free service that can help you find all your current, old and inactive super accounts.

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Camori Investments is a boutique investment firm specialising in managed superannuation and self-managed superannuation. As we are independently owned and operated we can provide investment opportunities that aren’t often available from the big banks or financial planning firms.

When you invest with Camori Investments it’s 100% different to investing in a regular industry or retail superannuation fund. We offer a proactive solution in managing your investments. One that is professional, personalised and ensuring that you are matched with the best products available in the market place and not just ‘what is on offer.’

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Super Rumours: 5 That Aren’t True

On July 1 2017, several changes were made to super, which included new regulations. As with any regulation change, they are often difficult to understand, which can lead to myths and rumours being formed that aren’t correct. Most of the super......

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Is it a Good Idea to Set Up a Self Managed Super Fund?

Have you been looking for a different way of approaching retirement savings? A self managed super fund (SMSF) may be something you should consider. For those who are not aware, a self managed super fund is a private super fund that is managed by......

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Savings Goal: Reach Your Saving Goal Quicker With These Financial Tips...

In part one of our series on reaching your savings goal quicker, we covered 5 things that you can start doing right now in order to save more money. In part two, we are going to give you more great ways to save and reach your savings goal......

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