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Boost Your Superannuation

Boost your superannuation. In Australia, we have a compulsory superannuation system (Superannuation Guarantee Contribution), where your employer pays 9.5% of your income into your selected superannuation fund. However, for most of us, this isn’t going to be enough to have the retirement we imagined.

There are several ways you can boost your super without having to boost your income. The good news is many of these strategies are also tax-effective. Below we have outlined some suggestions and of course, a Camori Investments superannuation specialist is available to assist you with your individual situation.

Without having to sacrifice  your salary you can still boost your superannuation. It really does pay to get the right advice now to ensure that you have the correct structures, investments and strategies in place for your individual goals and requirements.

Camori Investments offers both managed superannuation and self-managed superannuation options. Speak to our superannuation specialists and look forward to your perfect retirement.

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