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Frequently Asked Questions about Camori Investments

Who is Camori Investments? How is Camori Investments different? These are just some of the questions we answer here on the Camori Investments FAQ page.

Who is Camori Investments?

Camori Investments is a boutique investment firm specialising in managed and self-managed superannuation. Our core aim is to provide exceptional service to our growing client base and match them with the best products and services available within the market place.

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How is Camori Investments different from other super funds?

Camori Investments FAQAs Camori Investments is independently owned and operated we can provide investment opportunities that aren’t often available from the big banks or financial planning firms.

Instead of investing in a standard retail or industry super fund we focus on wholesale managed funds, potentially enabling us to produce far greater returns. These wholesale managed funds are normally only available to sophisticated investors and/or have very large minimum entry requirements, however Camori Investments can offer these funds directly to our clients

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Why does Camori do business over the internet and phone instead of face to face like most advisors?

When selecting ways to market your business, the choices these days are endless. Traditionally the financial services industry was based on face to face meetings. Using this approach still works, however at Camori we found this limiting. We want to help as many Australians as we can with their superannuation and investment needs. For this reason, we have decided to use modern technology and a proactive approach to reaching our desired clients. We use a combination of phone, internet and email to contact and communicate with our clients.

Yes, this approach is different, however it is working for us and our over 2500 very happy clients.

Is Camori Investments licensed?

Yes. Camori Pty Ltd t/a Camori Investments is a corporate authorised representative (CAR 441932) of Olive Financial Markets Pty Ltd which holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL 390906)

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