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Let Camori Investments find your lost superannuation

A great number of Australians are likely to have missing or unclaimed superannuation accounts; at last count, the total sitting in unclaimed super was $18.8 billion. Make sure you aren’t one of them.

If you have changed jobs, moved house or changed your name, then you could have lost track of your superannuation. The average Australian has between 4 -5 jobs, more if you include casual or part time work, and with every job often comes a new super fund.

If you have multiple funds, you are paying multiple fees and insurance premiums, reducing your valuable super savings. Finding and consolidating your superannuation into one account is the best way to manage and grow your superannuation investment.

Let Camori Investments find your super and consolidate them into one account.

Find my superannuation

Camori Investments offers a free service that can help you find all your current, old and inactive super accounts.  We can also help you consolidate them.

Click on the “find my super” button and our team of specialists will gather a list of all your accounts that match your name and tax file number.

Organise a call with one of our investment specialists and find out how Camori Investments can help you