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7 Money Management Apps Every Australian Needs

7 Money Management Apps Every Australian Needs

Managing your money can oftentimes seem like a full time job. From budgeting and tracking your spending, to balancing your bank accounts and keeping track of retirement savings, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Luckily, technology can help ease the time and energy it takes to manage your money. Here are seven money management apps that every Australian needs (and that are specifically made for Australians)!

Your bank’s app

More than likely, your bank has its own app for both iOS (Apple) and Android based phones and tablets. Easily check your balance and pay bills from wherever you are! Even better? It’s free!


Also free and available for iOs and Android, Pocketbook is an on the go budgeting app that gives you the ability to track your expenses on the go. You can get Pocketbook here.

Track My Goals

From Money Smart, this app allows you to easily manage savings goals. You create your savings plan and track your progress visually.

Track My Spend

Also from Money Smart, this on the go budget app that will allow you to set up your budget, track your expenses and even put expenses into categories, such as things that you want v.s. things that you need.

The Tax App (Australian Taxation Office)

Yes, you can even access your tax information on the go! Through the ATO’s app, you can access online services, manage your tax deductions, figure out due dates, determine your proper withholding rate and even lodge your return!


Ever wonder what to do with all of your receipts? Expensify helps you save time by allowing you to scan receipts. It can also help you track mileage if you keep track of your miles for tax deduction purposes. The neatest feature is that everything you can into it can be exported to a CSV file to make tax filing easy!

Good Budget

Like to use envelopes to help you budget your money? Think of Good Budget as the digital version if envelope budgeting. The visual system is nice and simple to use making it easy to track expenses and savings goals. You can see where you stand by just taking a quick look at the app.

Time is money. Don’t get weighed down by spending a lot of time managing your finances. Use one or more of these apps to help you quickly and efficiently take control of your finances!

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