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Camori Investments Managed SuperannuationInvesting with Camori Investments is different to investing with a standard industry or retail superannuation fund.

Camori Investments offers a managed superannuation solution where we provide a proactive service in managing your investments.

One of the major issues with standard industry or retail superannuation funds is the lack of returns for the risk taken.

Standard superannuation funds track the ASX and don’t change their strategy when the economy goes up or down.

When was the last time (if ever) did you get a call from your superannuation provider?

Do they send you something other than a mass email with a generic update?

This is where Camori Investments is different.

Using a proactive approach allows us to offer higher returns for lower risk due to the diversification amongst different sectors and having the ability to hedge against downside risk.

When the economy changes, we will be in contact regularly and offering solutions to reduce exposure and preserve your capital.

At Camori Investments we focus on funds that are wholesale allowing us to produce far greater returns than standard retail managed funds. These wholesale funds are normally only available to sophisticated investors and have very large minimum account requirements, however Camori Investments can offer these funds within your portfolio without having to meet these huge entry requirements.

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